Angela Emig is the creative mind behind Poppy & Clover Floral Design and has been enchanted with flowers from a young age. She loves their crisp, sweet scent, how deceptively fragile they appear, and the countless ways you could combine them perfectly. She spent much of her childhood running around her mother’s garden or in the forbidden farm land that surrounded her house and enjoyed nothing more than picking wildflower bouquets and bringing them home to her family. This passion for flowers followed Angela into adulthood and she feels lucky to have called floral design a profession since 2012.

Angela attended Truman State University and earned a Bachelor’s of the Arts in Spanish with minors in Art History and International Studies. She took a corporate job, but soon found herself doing flowers for her friends’ weddings and it was then she realized she was meant to “play flowers” for the rest of her life!

Angela feels blessed to be the owner of Poppy & Clover and to do what she loves on a daily basis. She approaches each flower with as much excitement as an enchanted youngster and is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to beautify your event!